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Have you been looking to have some sewing done? Maybe something as basic as replacing some lost buttons on a shirt, or perhaps you have a pair of trousers that are in need of a hem? Are you looking to have a whole new outfit sewn for a special occasion? Whatever you require, we are pleased to say that we have you covered at Mom's Crafts And Quilts for all your sewing and seamstress needs in the local area. Contact us today through our booking form to find out more.

Our process and technique

We realise that each project will be unique for all of our customers, but there are some things that will never change: We always listen carefully, and we always incorporate your requests into the work we do. We use state of the art sewing machines and embroidery devices in order to provide you with beautifully created garments and alterations. Our professionals can do hems, sew on missing buttons, create new outfits and more. Just be prepared to come for a fitting or two so that our professionals can get your garment just right.

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We believe in giving all of our customers a high level of comprehensive care, so if you are ever concerned about something, do not hesitate to contact us. We take all feedback and complaints very seriously and strive to fix all of them in a quick, efficient way possible to help make it right. We also welcome suggestions from our customers on how to improve our services, as we know our business wouldn’t exist without them.


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